An open source research project..

The InfoCentral project is currently being re-purposed.

The project re-launch materials are in preparation. Stay tuned for more information and perhaps a Kickstarter project page.

See my other project for an (also rather outdated) preview of what is to come..

If you are looking for a church/non-profit database, please see the ChurchInfo project instead. ChurchInfo has continued development and support of the original InfoCentral PHP codebase. There may also be other open source database projects suitable for your church or non-profit needs. Please note that we DO NOT provide any technical support for the ChurchInfo project or the old InfoCentral software.

Either way, you should no longer use InfoCentral, as it is highly outdated and no longer maintained. Please do not email former InfoCentral developers with support requests. If you are a current InfoCentral user, please upgrade to ChurchInfo ASAP.

What's happening?

InfoCentral 2.0 for Java was originally aimed at "fully meeting the data management needs of churches, schools, and non-profit organizations." However, as research and planning progressed, the developers realized that the infrastructure technologies needed to accomplish their goals were simply not available. In light of this, the task of developing yet another boring database application in Java/J2EE quickly lost its appeal. Former lead developer Chris Gebhardt is now working on some experimental technologies which he hopes will someday revolutionize information management applications. This effort is currently called "Project Pelennor." It is likely that the name "InfoCentral" will be re-used for the implementation of ideas developed as part of this research.

Fittingly, the name "InfoCentral" has come to signify our philosophy of software architecture. Information itself should be at the center of computing -- not computers themselves, nor applications, computer languages, user interfaces, or specific data storage mechanisms like files and SQL databases.

Old Information about Legacy InfoCentral..

The "legacy" version of InfoCentral is a PHP/MySQL membership and management database intended for use by churches and non-profit organizations to track members, families, groups, donations, etc. All of the information on this site currently pertains to the old version, which is now discontinued and no longer supported. Development was ended because the existing PHP code was not worth overhauling. However, it is fairly stable code and has been used successfully by many organizations in various capacities.

Links to other old information..
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Latest News:

Re-launch is finally approaching!

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